Customer Operations Consulting

Customers are the key to the success of your business and without them your business will cease to exist. That statement might seem simple and nothing more than common sense but running a small or medium sized business is a demanding task and companies often lose sight of their customers in the rush to develop products and generate sales, not to mention everything else.

Customers in today’s marketplace are demanding more than they ever have at any time in the past. That’s a daunting prospect for small and medium sized businesses that often struggle to live up to customer expectations but businesses need to embrace these challenges and see them as opportunities. Successful businesses really listen to their customers because existing customers are uniquely placed to advise them on what needs to improve. By following their advice, you’ll create better products and services, products and services customers want to buy and you’ll drive revenue and sales in the process.

The traditional concept of “Customer Service” or “Customer Support” is dead. Increasingly, customers want meaningful relationships with the companies they do business with and that means that businesses need to provide “Customer Relationship Management” that goes beyond the “let’s fix your problem and move on” approach of the past. Managing relationships with customers is a specialised task and requires real effort, most critically customer familiarity and a personalised touch. Providing this at scale is difficult but small and medium sized businesses have the upper hand and should use this to their full advantage as they scale and grow. If properly implemented, your customers will become your greatest sales advocates, champion your products and services and drive referrals.

Customer operations teams need talented, skilled professionals capable of navigating the customer relationship management role in order to achieve and succeed on team and company goals. Irrespective of the size of your organisation, team members must be set up for success through training, mentorship and the creation of a high morale work environment conducive to doing the best work of their lives.   

What can I do for your organisation?

I have several years experience studying psychology, human behaviour and research methodologies. I have six years experience, four at core team level and two at leadership level, providing first-in-class customer relationship management at a large multi-national, managing relationships with senior thought leaders and C-Suite executives from some of the world’s most recognised brands.

I provide affordable independent customer operations consulting services to small and medium sized businesses, providing services including:

  • Customer interviews, focus groups and report preparation.
  • Advice and guidance on creating a world-class customer operations organisation capable of turning your customers in to company advocates.
  • Advice on team building, hiring, training and more, ensuring your team are set up for success.

To find out more please contact me via email at, through the contact form found at the bottom of the home page or call +353 (0)1 547 0982.